History Of Footshop

When Peter was 11 years old, he spent his yearly savings on the Osiris D3 sneakers.  At that time, he had already been skateboarding for 2 years and experimenting with graffiti. Thanks to the skate club TSC, he was introduced to web design. Later, Peter started organizing dozens of hip-hop concerts. After he moved to Prague, in 2008, he was studying and making his living doing online marketing. In 2011, he decided to combine his interests and so Footshop was founded – a company about sneakers, creativity, and urban lifestyle.

Kovo joined Footshop as a graphic designer. He came up with the idea to sell lifestyle instead of skateboard sneakers, and therefore, Footshop started to gradually add brands like adidas, Nike, Asics, and much more to its assortment. In 2015 there was a big leap in the history of the company when Footshop broke into the world of premium sneaker stores by joining the adidas Consortium family, and by that,  Czech Republic got limited collections of adidas sneakers, including the collection of YEEZY by Kanye West. To add to this success, many world famous companies reacted, and Footshop managed to get the world distribution of the highest level from Vans, Reebok, Puma and kept many more.

We are leaders

Now, Footshop is a leader in the Czech and Slovak market, and cooperates with the most significant artists and medias and brings, as the only one, to our region exclusive brands and sneakers collections.


Year 2011

50 pairs in stock, a single employee, no change to pay back. This is how it all began. Sort of.

Year 2013

We moved our bevy of sneakers to a bigger warehouse and ourselves to the Orco building offices. We were trying to convince our suppliers of providing us more exclusive products. The office space is almost a store, isn’t it?

Year 2014

We were preparing the new store in Orco building in Prague - right before the opening we victoriously introduced a collection of hand painted Vans sneakers. The event was attended by almost 100 people, which made us happy. German brand adidas had decided to give us permission to sell its extravagant collection by the designer Jeremy Scott.

November 2014

We officially opened the store with 300 people attending the opening party. We served our first customers the very next day despite forgetting about the shop assistants and cash desk due to the hustle and bustle. Our first batch of customers took away 5 pairs of sneakers and we realized that it’s getting difficult.

Year 2015

The exclusive launch of a new silhouette by adidas was taking place in Footstep - the first iteration of NMD. If we had no cash desk and shop assistants, it wouldn’t be such a problem, since only one customer came to buy the shoes. However, soon the silhouette became a worldwide hit and we suddenly need a bevy of shop assistants.

Year 2015

adidas Consortium - after a long struggle and countless meetings we became a member of the adidas Consortium, the highest distributional level of the brand that is achieved by only a few best stores in the world. The adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged X HYPEBEAST is the very first collaboration we are allowed to sell.

26 March 2015

We were celebrating the anniversary of the Nike Air technology along with the rest of the world. A big bubble was displayed in front of the store and anyone could have tested the shock-absorbing effects of the bubble on their legs, arms, teeth…Basically anything that was hit by the bubble. Meanwhile, several workshops, art performances and discussions with knowledgeable participants were happening inside the store.

November 2015

A big celebration of our store’s first anniversary - we organized an open air gig, which was attended by almost 1000 people. No one got wet.

December 2015

After the dream-come-true in the form of adidas Consortium membership, we celebrate again when learning that we also have a permission to sell the sneakers designed by Kanye West - the legendary Yeezy.

Year 2016

During our first pre-order of the Y-3 brand items we met Stephen, who took us to the showroom. All of a sudden, it’s made sure that soon the brand would really come to our store.

March 2016

Some of our employees disliked having 14 boxes of sneakers instead of a chair so our warehouse was moved to a different part of the Holešovice district. The upper floor of our store was then fully dedicated to our 25 employees.

April 2016

Together with aspiring brand Born Bane, we created our first clothing collection, which had been inspired by adidas Consortium Tubular Doom model. The clothing release was made in honor to the shoes. A short film was also made and its screening was accompanied by a live performance.

October 2016

After incredible five years we said goodbye to the old website and replaced it with one, which is a little bit more intuitive, and more importantly, our sneakers were shown in their beauty.

November 2016

We celebrated the second anniversary. Good food was present, along with rap performers, however, rain comes too. The guests nor hosts are affected in their mood, though, so the celebrating group relocated to Holešovice market, where the after party continued until the sunrise. And then back to work.

December 2016

We opened our second store in Bratislava after thorough preparations. The goal is to carry on the legacy of its Prague predecessor and become a centerpiece of Slovak sneaker game, besides being the common platform for cultural events of talented individuals and groups.

Year 2017

We got access to the most exclusive products of the Puma brand, and to make it visible, we jumpstart it with the release of exclusive sneakers based on the collaboration between Titolo a Atmos stores.

March 2017

Kicks’R’Good - We took part in a foreign event for the first time in our history. When we unboxed the Yeezys in Budapest for the retail price, the queue got longer than the Kardashian family lineage

May 2017

Sneaker Con London - We took part in a foreign event for the second time. We arrived to the European version of the American festival with our Wheel of Fortune, which made fortunate not only our customers, but also us. Selling sneakers for the retail price was met with a great success and acclaim.

August 2017

We launched a series of art exhibitions on the 2nd floor of our store in Prague. The first two were dedicated to photography and presented the work of Martin Fisher and David Suchar. The third exhibition was presenting the large-format oil paintings of Albinus Grammar.

Autumn 2017

As part of the Teniskology 2017, we joined the Puma brand and together we built a pop-up "Fenty University" class inspired by the 1990s with a two-day course schedule full of influencers in the roles of teachers. As a contrast to that at the street culture event Fashion Deala, we bet on the futuristic look of the designer release of adidas Consortium A//D.

December 2017

In December, together with Puma’s XO collection, we celebrated the first birthday our store in Bratislava. This event became unforgettable and included an amazing after party, because the 1st year of Footshop in Bratislava was more than successful!

Year 2017

Within one year we managed to create collections along with the skateboard brand UKNOW, photographer Lousy Auber and the high fashion brand LAFORMELA. We also finished our own collection called POINT OF VIEW, which featured elements from all these collaborations.

February 2018

We are moving from our store because the Orco building will undergo reconstruction. The new place is located in Vnitroblock. The first event we hosted there was the presentation of the sustainable collection ZERO WASTE by Petra Ptackova.

March 2018

With the collection NO SEASON, which we created in collaboration with LAFORMELA, Footshop became the first retailer who happened to have a catwalk at Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week 2018.

April 2018

Third time lucky. We opened another store, this time in Budapest. Czech and Slovak teams did not miss out on the big opening party.

July 2018

“Summer is not a season, summer is a mindset.” This was the motto of the collaboration with streetwear brand Life is Porno. A collection full of beanies, socks and slides was sold out immediately.

August 2018

As a part of the Bratislava Street Art Festival, we created the largest street art piece in middle Europe together with Lousy Auber and won Grand Prix 2018 as well. You can find it on the facade of the Hotel Kiev in the city centre of Bratislava.

Sempter 2018

After a year of preparations, on September 20th, we finally introduced our first sneakers in collaboration with KangaROOS on the Lucerna rooftop. The silhouette Ultimate 3 is inspired by nothing but red spires, towers, turrets and steeples of our native Hundred Spires Prague.

October 2018

We really like our store in Vnitroblock. A lot of events took place there, therefore we decided to upgrade it. EYELEVEL, a global leader in retail design, is responsible for the way it looks today.

December 2018

Together with Rytmus, we created a fashion collection ICON by FTSHP and supported his status of a multi-genre artist. The collection was presented during the 2nd anniversary of our store in Bratislava.
The last event of 2018 was a charity event Zkruhu, which was hosted by tattoo artist Ondrash for the 8th time. There were dozens of tattoo artists, and we raised record CZK 756 975.

February 2019

Not that it was tight in Vnitroblock, however, it was time to get Footshop to the general public as well. That's why we opened the second store Na Prikope where our customers can find more premium products.

April 2019

We want to be relevant, thus tolerance and acceptance of minorities go hand in hand with that. To spread this message we teamed up with Danish brand Soulland and created a line of clothing called Tolerance / Relevance.

March 2019

Footshop's steps are heading south and we are opening a promising market in Croatia.

May 2019

Our successful collaboration with Life is Porno continued with another release of slides. This time it was in the spirit of summer and freshness, moreover, selling limited pairs at Prazska trznice on farmers' markets.

May 2019

Not every warehouse is the same. We can turn ours into a show-room just like we did with Martin Lukac's exhibition Mann in Flammen. This sustainable concept presented the greatest Czech and Slovak fighters.

June 2019

Even a half a million people can be wrong, however, this half a million knows what they are doing. In June 2019, we reached 500K followers on Instagram and headed out towards 6 zeros.

June 2019

Footshop hosted one of the biggest streetwear festivals called Hypecon. After stops in Istanbul, Vienna and Kyiv, we brought this event to Prague as well. Along with it, some leading personalities of streetwear like Icykof or Selma Sebbagh.

August 2019

We broke down the boundaries of creativity in cooperation with a cult event Addict. The store in Vnitroblock reached its maximum capacity and turned into an art studio where a lot of unique clothing pieces were made by our customers.

September - October 2019

Get Footshop's community values to smaller cities. That was the goal of Foot in the Hood project - two containers, PlayStation hub, concerts, drinks and obviously sneakers, with which we toured the whole Republic.

November 2019

For the 5th birthday of our Prague's store we gifted ourselves with the second colorway KangaROOS x Footshop. Even Korean artist Rudy Lim, who uses an original deconstructive technique to transform sneakers into original forms, had a closer look at them.

November 2019

We opened the 5th center of streetwear culture in Bucharest. Artists, rappers and Romanian streetwear icons did not miss out on the opening party.

February 2020

Even in 2020, we did not give up on our intention of bringing something new, unknown and a little bit unattainable at the same time. Our assortment extended to premium brands like Heron Preston, Rick Owens a A Cold Wall* whose designers influence contemporary fashion.

February 2020

Right before the global pandemic outbreak, Footshop successfully entered the market in Slovenia.

March 2020

Coronavirus did not take us down, it was quite the opposite. Along with restriction releases, we welcomed the “ life outside”. Within Earth Day, we launched a collection to show our planet that we care and we missed her. Dear Earth, it’s been a while.

March 2020

As part of Air Max Day 2020, we took an advantage of the fact that in the narrowest circle of the Footshop community, there are people who are close to the culture of sneakers. 1000sneakers and Kickeez came together and created an art piece of Nike AM 90 Duck Camo sneakers.

July 2020

Our expansion is not heading only east. The colours of Footshop represent the Netherlands since July 2020 too.

August 2020

As one of the few Nike partners, we created a Special Box for Nike Offline slides within the Nike Offline Project. 30 of these were made, and their purpose was to bring calm, peace and ZEN to anyone's home.

August 2020

Our next journey led to warm waters of Greece, where a local mutation of our website has been running since August 2020.

October 2020

Nike x Off-White arrived at Footshop. We've been waiting for this sentence for years and the waiting has finally paid off. In cooperation with Nike on Rubber Dunk sneakers, we finally got the opportunity to offer sneakers, behind which stands one of the most influential designers Virgil Abloh.

October 2020

3 stripes, cultural heritage and the most beautiful blue. That is the collaboration of adidas x Footshop on the jubilee silhouette Superstar, which we finally brought to a successful end after a two-year process.

November 2020

We changed on the outside, moved forward on the inside. After nine years in the game, we officially worked our way to the new visual identity. We said goodbye to our legendary sneaker logo and now we're looking forward to the future in the unique and playful ambiance from the workshop of Studio Najbrt.