How does the subject of globalization even affect us or sneakers? It does, in many ways. In Footshop's case, it's not just that people from different countries work at the company, it is also the broad spectrum of countries we ship to, our language equipment, media, our influencers or foreign sneaker stores collaborations.


There are people from different corners of Europe in our crew, which counts over 100 members up to this date. Even though our customer support is in over 10 languages, and we ship to over 150 countries worldwide, we still try to push our limits every day and do more. We had opened our third brick-and-mortar store in Budapest in April, after Prague and Bratislava. We try to be connected but also to connect. We understand that interconnecting is very important, so we often give opportunities to interns from abroad and strive for their development.


We don’t want to stay in one place and not develop. That’s why we attend international events, such as Sneakerness in London, Berlin or Paris. A part of our crew also regularly attends Fashion Weeks or fashion shows abroad. Because we don’ t want to focus on Czechia or Slovakia only, we shouldn’t forget about our collaborations with international influencers, such as IcyKof or Willy. We should also mention our English Youtube channel, which is growing next to our Czech one. That, of course, is not everything. This year, thanks to our new collection with the Czech brand Laformela, we have made an appearance in the world-renowned media like Hypebeast or Vogue.

The development of the number of languages of our customer care


Globalization today is partly considered a sensitive topic. It is still important to focus on its positive sides, though. It brings us new opportunities, connections, and knowledge. We can evolve thanks to globalization. And that’s precisely what we try to accomplish at Footshop. We want to advance, grow, and of course, improve our business.  

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