We in Footshop are aware that even an individual can influence a lot. The more we grow and add new sneaker fans to our team as well as new followers on social media, the more we feel responsible for what we communicate and what values we present as a company. That’s why we gave ourselves at Footshop more resolutions for 2018, which we would like to deal with as a company. For example, with the sustainability of our planet’s resources or sustainable fashion. Sustainability has many faces and gives you the opportunity to go into depth.


We at Footshop don’t want to command or tell anyone that we do it better than anyone else. We would rather push our own boundaries and do things better than before. We believe that if everyone, whether it’s our Footshop crew member or our customer, thinks more about what they buy, how they buy it, what they throw out and why, not only will we inspire each other, but we will be able to affect our culture, society or our planet... And that’s why we include sustainability among our priorities. What exactly will it mean for Footshop?


This year we will focus on collaborations with local designers and influencers. All of our products come from and are made in European production. By that, we support small workshops, local production and industry.


We collect up to 1500 pairs of sneakers that have been returned per year. 25% of them are still in great shape, almost unworn and ready to fulfill their functionality and aesthetic requirements. Normally, these sneakers end up unused and in large combustion halls. Such is the reality of our business. We in Footshop like to do things differently and it’s not just an empty phrase.

That’s why we teamed up with an organization called “Have a sole” and sent them 100 pairs of high quality shoes of different sizes, which are currently being worn by kids from low-income groups or homeless people. We are glad that we could help and it certainly was not for the last time.


Footshop office has its own thrift-store, in which members of our crew can bring their old clothes or shoes and exchange it for different pieces. If there’s something not exchanged or sold by the end of the month, we donate all the pieces to charity.


Did you know, that Nike Flyknit sneakers are lasercut and thus without any remnants of leather or fabric? In each pair of adidas Parley, there are at least 8 recycled plastic bottles. Recycled plastic is also in backpacks by Berlin-based brand PINGPONG or KOMONO’s sunglasses.


Our first collaboration of 2018 is a joint capsule collection with designer Petra Ptáčková, who creates zero waste in a unique way, which means that all the materials and fabrics used on the collection leave no waste! On the contrary, Petra has to calculate how to cut and sew the pieces of fabrics together in a way that really won’t leave any waste. This eco friendly collection, in which every detail is thought through, is available for purchase only in Footshop from 15.2.2018.


Footshop crew has over 100 members. Our events are attended by over 34 700 streetwear fashion and sneaker lovers. These numbers made us make some small changes that will however have a big impact!

No plastic on events in Czechia and Slovakia
Shopping bags from recycled material
Waste recycling at events, stores, our office and at the inventory
Eco friendly detergents by Czech brands – less chemistry and support of the domestic brand
Replacement of paper at offices and inventory for recycled paper
We say NO to plastic straws at our events (more info here)
Saving electricity in all our buildings
Workshop for employees on how to recycle properly and conserve resources


Replace your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one!
Say NO to plastic straws at bars and clubs
Use reusable coffee cups for your coffee to-go
Recycle your waste properly
Shop clothes and sneakers of highest quality that won’t destroy immediately
Support brands that think about the environment
Bring your own bag to stores or even Footshop (don’t take free plastic bags)
NO to plastic bottles or plastic yogurt cups