Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.

The Unisex collaboration PLACE FOR SPACE naturally emerges from the typical elements of the LAFORMELA brand, enhanced by the Footshop DNA. We connected graphics, comfort and classic style. The collection is not deprived of exaggeration and undertones of industrial clothing.
PLACE FOR SPACE thus visually builds on a worldwide trend that is inspired by the street and practicality. Pants for construction or fishing, with a little exaggeration, become a designer piece. The most important thing is the originality of models, and of course, comfort. Collaboration Footshop + LAFORMELA wants PLACE FOR SPACE to appeal to people from the younger generation who have not yet been familiar with local fashion.

Unique connection between street & high fashion

Handmade in Czech Republic

Some of Place for space models

Release Party Was A Wild Celebration Of Creativity

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