Streetwear mirror.

Collaboration is a streetwear synonym with its opinion, silhouette and relaxation. It responds to the everyday situations from daily life in society, on the street and even at work. Challenging colorfulness and innovative elegant elements bring a new point of view at streetwear.

The movement of people in the streets and their personal stories, which are reflected in their fashion style became the essential inspiration. The characteristic feature that is mirrored in the collection, is the speed of our time and consumerism that comes with it. Every individual that hides in an anonymous crowd has their own story, whether it´s a worker in a work uniform, a schoolgirl, a musician, a cyclist in a jersey, or just a homeless person.

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Caught in a bubble.

The whole creation is accompanied by significant colorful printed texts and the use of bubble shapes that symbolize the individuality of every one of us. It´s because we all are caught in our own bubble. Bubble of worries, duties, but also experiences.

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