Zero waste.

Footshop presents local zero waste collaboration! This time we focused on cooperation with designer Petra Ptáčková, who is known for her sustainable approach to producing collections.
You can see the collection of designer Petra Ptáčková not only at Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week. Her collections can be bought by customers in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and now thanks to the new Footshop x Petra Ptáčková collection also in the Czech Republic. Petra specializes in zero waste approach to fashion manufacturing. Her work was also appreciated by Sara Maino of Vogue, and in 2015, Petra was included in Forbes 30 under 30.

“Every piece I create is carefully measured and crafted with no waste of material remaining. Each cut will find its place whether it is a functional or decorative element. ”

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Clothes with the soul.

“I’m working with zero waste cuts that are more time consuming because you have to make all the cuts free of waste. I also take care of where the materials are from, where the yarns, the zippers, the buttons are from… I do not make this because it’s currently trendy, but because of the fact that I have experienced the whole process in big factories. When you sees how much is thrown away, and it’s unnecessary because there is no time or money to deal with it, it will change your view of the world, ” she describes the process of creating.

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