Back to the Past

The Point of View collection refers to our roots that we never forget. It reminds us of the milestones of our work, collaborations, which we had the honor of bringing to the local streetwear scene this year. Specifically, we are talking about collections made in collaboration with the LAFORMELA designer brand, the painter Martin Lukáč and the skateboarding brand UKNOW, or the cooperation with the photographer Lousy Auber.

Symbolic color playfulness

The colorfulness of the entire collection refers to the original design of our logo. Therefore, the entire collection carries the combination of black and orange.

We put our heart and soul into it

Because it is a very important moment for us, we chose high-quality technical materials – an example may be a jacket with a 18,000 mm water column. Of course we have our own cuts and products are made in the Czech Republic in order to have the best possible control over the result. Our effort has therefore created a collection for us and for you.

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